Routine Care

homecarehospiceNurses provide patients with the full spectrum of specialized medical care on their routine visits. Routine visits will focus on implementing and maintaining the patients regimen for continuing health and comfort, including wound care, skin care, intravenous therapy and other medical necessities.

Continuous Care

continiouscareCrisis care is offered for brief periods to manage the abrupt manifestation of critical symptoms in the patient.

In-Patient Care

inpatientcareOn occasions when patient’s critical symptoms or pains prove unmanageable in their current setting, patients can be transported to one of our contracted Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Respite Care


Respite care is provided to a hospice patient so the usual caregiver can rest. As a hospice patient, you will have one primary person that takes care of you every day. That person is often a family member and they will need time away from caregiving to accomplish other things.

Therapy Services

physcialtherapyWhen necessary, assistance for patients in recovering strength, balance, and range of motion is available when the ability to perform daily activities and self-care is practicable for the patient‘s comfort.

On-Call Acceptability

oncallaccessabilityNurses are always available via telephone to address concerns and evaluate urgent situations that may arise requiring visits.  In emergency situations our staff is just a phone call away.

Bereavement Services

bereavementservicesStarting at the initial assessment, and continuing through the bereavement period, our staff Social Workers help loved ones cope with grief and loss with counseling, as well as recommendations regarding grief support groups.

Spiritual Support

spiritualsupportStaff Chaplains provide non-denominational spiritual support to patients and families, as well as assistance with funeral arrangements. Our chaplains are well-versed in the spiritual components and the end-of-life practices of various religions.

Caregiver Relief

caregiverreliefWe can temporarily provide care as a means to let the primary caregiver have a break from the stresses of caregiving when in need of recuperation for shorter intervals (by CHHA’s and/or volunteers) or for more substantial respite periods – up to five days (by nursing staff) – by arrangement.

Personal Care Assistance

personalcareRegularly scheduled visits from our staff of Certified Home Health Aides to assist patients with personal care and assistance need for day-to-day living.

Medications, Medical Equipment & Supplies

medicaequipmentWe assure  patients are supplied the medications, durable medical equipment (DME), and laboratory services related to the patient’s illness. This often includes adaptive equipment to reduce the difficulties their illness may cause with bathing, dressing, grooming, and eating.

Family Memeber Training

trainingOur team assists and prepares family members and loved ones to understand the details of their loved one’s illness, as well the medications and/or equipment necessary for their loved one’s continued care and comfort.

Dietary Counseling

dietarycounselingOur staff will aid patients and families in understanding the specific nutritional health needs of the patient and help the patient and their loved ones in understanding the how to meet those nutritive needs.

Volunteer Program

socialworkersOur hospice volunteers provide non-medical visits to patients and family members and provide the following services:


TransportationVerdugo Hospice has contracted medical transport. Anytime patients are required to be relocated for medical needs approved or recommended by Verdugo Hospice, we can take care of transportation whenever necessary.

Speech Therapy

speechtherapyWhen needed, speech therapy can be utilized to aid in the patient’s comfort by improving and/or recovering communication, cognitive, and even swallowing abilities.